MT-LVL E12 is now available in cross sectional sizes of 90×35 and 90×45 for wall and general framing applications. With all the stability and dimensional benefits of LVL it means you can spend less time straightening walls… and more time relaxing.

MT-LVL E12 has high strength than MGP12 and a comparable stiffness. The reduced variability of being an engineered product means that is can confidently be used where MGP12 is specified. This also simplifies design and certification. The inclusion of a glue-line protection against Termites provides added security, even if the stud is notched or rebated.

Note that MT-LVL E12 has not been approved for use in roof trusses and floor trusses.

Grade E12
Size 90×35, 90×45
Lengths 5.4m, 6.0m
H2-s to AS/NZS1604.4