MT-LVL E9, Roof Battens and General Framing.

  • Straight, Long Lengths
  • Predictable Performance
  • H2-S Protected against Termites

MT-LVL e9 is available as a 70×35 6.0 length specifically designed for use as roof battens as well as general framing applications. Roof battens using MT-LVL E9 will be straighter, less prone to breaking, and have reduced tendency to split at connections.


For general framing applications, MT-LVL E9 has higher strengths than F8 and a comparable stiffness. It can be substituted where F8 is specified or designed using F8 span tab;es/software, making both design and certification simple. The inclusion of a glue-line protection against termites provides added security.

Wind Classification
Max Truss/Rafter Spacing (mm)
Max Roof Batten Spacing (mm)
General & Within 1.2 of edge
Max Roof Batten Spacing (mm)
General & Within 1.2 of eaves corner
N1, N2, N3 1000 950 950
N4 950 950 700
Grade E9
Size 70×35
Lengths 6.0m
H2-s to AS/NZS1604.4