Timber Noggins

Living the dream – NEW
Home ownership remains a goal for most Australians, but to achieve it, and adequate housing, we need to change our approach.
MT-NT-25 – (Timber Trader News – Jan-Feb 2024)
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LVL in trusses

LVL offers many advantages over sawn timber in multiple applications, but with a few watchpoints in mind, it can also be a valuable part of your timber truss arsenal.
MT-NT-24 – (Timber Trader News Sep-Oct 2023)

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Durable Timber
Knowing the qualities of your timber, the abilities and limits of preservation techniques and the details of how it will be used are key to obtaining the required lifespan in your structure.
MT-NT-23 – (Timber Trader News – Jul-Aug 2023)
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Timber buildings and embodied carbon

This seemingly esoteric term is a vital tool in meeting our carbon targets and timber can play a crucial role in the process.
MT-NT-22 – (Timber Trader News May-Jun 2023)

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NCC 2022 changes explained
The new code has finally been launched and there are some key changes coming into force.
MT-NT-21 – (Timber Trader News Mar-Apr 2023)
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Managing bushfire risks in timber buildings 

La Nina may be hanging around but fire season looms on the horizon. Good timber choices can help mitigate worries.
MT-NT-20 – (Timber Trader News Nov 2022)

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Be Prepared
If more building designs and plans adopted a Scouting attitude, fewer rectifications would result.
MT-NT-19 – (Timber Trader News Sep 2022)
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The links of the chain

Solving wind bracing isn’t a one-step process and ensuring the adequacy of every link is vital. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link!
MT-NT-18 – (Timber Trader News July 2022)

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Just hanging around.
Cantilevers are increasingly common but require considered design solutions.
MT-NT-17 – (Timber Trader News May 2022)
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The beam with a difference.

Wind beams break some of the ‘rules’ but remain an important component in a wall frame. They benefit from close attention given the many combinations to choose from.
MT-NT-16 – (Timber Trader News March 2022)

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The perfect deck.
Take guidance for a deck that will last for decades and leave you free to kick back with a coldie.
MT-NT-15 – (Timber Trader News January 2022)
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Versatile I-joist.
For current shortages. meyJOIST may provide workable, affordable solutions not just with floor systems, but also as a suitable substitute for LVLs in other applications.
MT-NT-14 – (Timber Trader News November 2021)
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Treat it right.
EWP are timber, just like pine, which means treatment can help deliver better outcomes and longer lifespans for these manufactured products as easily as for light framing timbers.
MT-NT-13 – (Timber Trader News September 2021)
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At its prime
With a little additional treatment, pre-primed dressed LOSP treated timber products can provide the best solution for outdoor structures like verandahs and pergolas.
MT-NT-12 – (Timber Trader News July 2021)
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Cassettes are back in town!
Floor cassettes help reduce construction time as well as making it safer and cleaner on site.
MT-NT-11 – (Timber Trader News May 2021)
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The hole truth on i-joists
Taking more care when cutting service holes can save a lot of time and worry.
MT-NT-10 – (Timber Trader News Mar 2021)
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It’s all a bit screwy
Things haven’t been the best lately, but at least construction connections are improving with screws leading the way.
MT-NT-09 – (Timber Trader News Jan 2021)
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Make timber your first choice
With multiple benefits over steel, timber can do almost any structural job better.
MT-NT-08 – (Timber Trader News Nov 2020)
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To AS 1684 or beyond
It’s the cornerstone standard and covers much of residential building, but not all.
MT-NT-07 – (Timber Trader News Sep 2020)
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Timber portal frames
When it comes to solving a modern design problem, what’s old is new again.
MT-NT-06 – (Timber Trader News Jul 2020)
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Fully loaded
While loaded chips or burgers can be great, overloaded joists are anything but.
MT-NT-05 – (Timber Trader News May 2020)
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Let’s get connected
Physical links are essential to structures, and good engineering makes all the difference.
MT-NT-04 – (Timber Trader News Mar 2020)
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What squeaks in my floor? (it’s not a mouse)
Squeaks in timber floor systems always have a cause, here’s how to find yours.
MT-NT-03 – (Timber Trader News Jan 2020)
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How effective specifications can bring benefits
Discuss how product substitution can be facilitated, to give greater flexibility to builders.
MT-NT-02 – (Timber Trader News Nov 2019)
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Off to a good start
What information is needed to deliver an efficient floor system.
MT-NT-01 – (Timber Trader News Sep 2019)
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