Timber Noggins

Cassettes are back in town! – NEW
Floor cassettes help reduce construction time as well as making it safer and cleaner on site.
MT-NT-11 – (Timber Trader News May 2021)
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The hole truth on i-joists
Taking more care when cutting service holes can save a lot of time and worry.
MT-NT-10 – (Timber Trader News Mar 2021)
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It’s all a bit screwy
Things haven’t been the best lately, but at least construction connections are improving with screws leading the way.
MT-NT-09 – (Timber Trader News Jan 2021)
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Make timber your first choice
With multiple benefits over steel, timber can do almost any structural job better.
MT-NT-08 – (Timber Trader News Nov 2020)
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To AS 1684 or beyond
It’s the cornerstone standard and covers much of residential building, but not all.
MT-NT-07 – (Timber Trader News Sep 2020)
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Timber portal frames
When it comes to solving a modern design problem, what’s old is new again.
MT-NT-06 – (Timber Trader News Jul 2020)
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Fully loaded
While loaded chips or burgers can be great, overloaded joists are anything but.
MT-NT-05 – (Timber Trader News May 2020)
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Let’s get connected
Physical links are essential to structures, and good engineering makes all the difference.
MT-NT-04 – (Timber Trader News Mar 2020)
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What squeaks in my floor? (it’s not a mouse)
Squeaks in timber floor systems always have a cause, here’s how to find yours.
MT-NT-03 – (Timber Trader News Jan 2020)
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How effective specifications can bring benefits
Discuss how product substitution can be facilitated, to give greater flexibility to builders.
MT-NT-02 – (Timber Trader News Nov 2019)
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Off to a good start
What information is needed to deliver an efficient floor system.
MT-NT-01 – (Timber Trader News Sep 2019)
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