meyPOST4 Product Guide
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meyPOST4 posts are H4 treated and are designed to be used in external applications. They are strong (GL8 rated) and very durable. meyPOST4 posts are made from sustainable Radiata pine with a dressed smooth finish. meyPOST4 is glue laminated to ensure that the post stays...
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Treated Pine Hazard Classes
Common types of Treatment LOSP Light Organic Solvent-borne Preservative. LOSP is a solvent-borne preservative treatment of pine timber. The organic solvent takes the preservative into the wood and is drawn out in the last stages of treatment leaving the preservative in the wood. LOSP treated...
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Mould on Timber
Is it a structural issue? a health issue? Do you have the correct knowledge to answer the question?
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